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Puppy Training Tips

August 15, 2023

Have you just welcomed a new puppy into your household? There are few things that bring more joy into our lives than the arrival of a new pet. Of course, there’s a lot of work involved in caring for a puppy. You’ll have plenty of work and training to do over the course of the next year, as you go about teaching little Fido the do’s and don’ts of being a Good Boy. A local vet offers some puppy training advice in this article from Hassayampa Veterinary Services, serving Wickenburg and the surrounding communities.

Start Immediately

Don’t wait until Little Fido is older to start working with him. Training should start as soon as you get your furry buddy home. You can (and should) also work on house training and crate training along with teaching commands.

Class Schedule

Our canine friend can learn up to 100 words, but you don’t have to go that far. Start with the basics: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. (Note: you’ll likely find that Sit is the easiest to teach.)

Don’t Bore Fido

Puppies tire out quickly, and they don’t really have particularly long attention spans, except of course when bacon is involved. Aim for short, frequent sessions.

Be Consistent

It can be easy to forget that dogs don’t understand the nuances of our language. To Little Fido, “Sit” and “Fido, sit down right now” mean the exact same thing. Always use the same words and phrases.

Make It Fun

This is a big one! You should only work with your furry friend when you are feeling cheerful. If you’re in a bad mood, your canine pal will quickly pick up on it. That could cause him to become wary about his training sessions … which is the last thing you want. It’s also important to keep that cute tail going! Incorporate lots of praise.

Offer ‘Pawesome’ Rewards

That bag of treats is a pretty important tool when it comes to training your furry pal. Giving little Fido a yummy snack is a great way to drive a point home. You’ll want to use small portions though: otherwise, your adorable student may quickly get too full, and will probably become more interested in napping than in learning.

Do you have questions about puppy care? Contact us here at Hassayampa Veterinary Services, your Wickenburg vet, serving Wickenburg and the surrounding communities.

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