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We’re hiring Veterinarians
We’re hiring Veterinarians

Our Careteam

Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!.
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Our Careteam
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Maureen Ruisi

Maureen Ruisi

Volunteer Dr. Ruisi’s Mom

After retiring from a 22 year job, Maureen has enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new. She has been working and volunteering at HVS with her daughter, Dr. Ruisi. It is challenging, but she loves it!

Customer Care Team: Rachae, Sarah, Julie (and Benji), Heather, Sam

Customer Care Team

Rachae, Sarah, Julie (and Benji), Heather, Sam

The customer care team at HVS is often our clients first introduction to the practice. Whether this interaction is by phone or visiting the hospital in person, their focus is to welcome you to the HVS family and assist you with your requests in a friendly, timely and dependable manner. This amazing team is your point of contact for appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, triaging emergency calls, and providing assistance with retail products or basic husbandry questions. We invite you to stop by any time to meet the team. Make sure to request a ‘New Client Packet’ if you are new to the area/practice.

Veterinary Technician Team: Jericho, Linda, Sydnee, Leslie, Ashley, Brooklynn and Benji.

Veterinary Technician Team

Jericho, Linda, Sydnee, Leslie, Ashley, Brooklynn and Benji

The magnificent team of technicians and technician assistants at HVS works tirelessly to support their veterinarians and your beloved pets by providing care, administering medications, performing diagnostic tests, comforting pets in their time of need and communication with clients on your veterinarians’ behalf. Their commitment to their work is an integral part of HVS’s success and without them we would be unable to keep up with demand! 

Kennel Technician Team: Jack, Reina, Jenay

Kennel Technician Team

Jack, Reina, Jenay

This fabulous team is always working very hard behind the scenes and their contribution is critical to our success.  The kennel team offers support for the veterinary technicians and veterinarians alike to ensure all of your beloved pets’ needs are met.  But it is the extra time, nurturing, awareness, and attention this wonderful team provides for your pets that really makes the difference!   Make sure you share any special tips about your pet with the kennel team if they will be staying with us so we can make them feel at home!  

Clinic Kitties

Clinic Kitties

Sabrina and Harley

Both of these girls have been with HVS for years.  Their stories are similar in that they are, of course, rescues.  They are enjoying their new Kitty Suite and spend much of the day basking in the window sill and watching the horses outside. 



HVS Mascot RIP Lizzie Girl 2/10/10 – 11/18/22

Lizzie has been here at HVS since it’s opening in 2012. She spends much of her time behind the receptionist counter when she is not out playing in the yard or at home with Dr. Ruisi. Lizzie was found abandoned in the desert shortly after being born. Fortunately, she  was found by a good Samaritan who immediately brought her in to Dr. Ruisi for care. The rest is history!  Sadly we lost our Lizzie Girl on 11/18/22.  She will be missed terribly.  

23,458 Sloppy Kisses


Sloppy Kisses

19,389 Bellies Rubbed


Bellies Rubbed

27,193 Treats Given


Treats Given