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We’re hiring Veterinarians
We’re hiring Veterinarians


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Many of the local veterinary clinics frequently have stray or relinquished animals looking for a good home. Here are the animals we have available for adoption today. All animals come spayed or neutered and are up-to-date on their vaccinations.  

The Good Samaritan Fund

What is it?

The Good Samaritan Fund was developed by the staff of HVS in an effort to buffer expenses and allow us to provide care for animals that would most likely otherwise be euthanized.

Abandoned animals are all too often found roaming the streets of our community or may be relinquished by their owners who are unable to provide for their needs. Pets can be involved in car accidents or house fires where owners are hospitalized or pass away. The ‘Good Samaritans’ of our community frequently bring these frightened and injured animals in to our facility – in the hopes that we may provide the nurturing and medical attention needed to save a life. These services are most often provided without question and at the expense of the veterinary hospital…and can become quite costly. 

How does it work?

100% of your contributions will go directly toward the medical expenses to care for these animals in need.  Dr. Ruisi’s time will be donated and medical services will be provided at discounted rates, allowing more animals to receive care. 

How can you help?

Contributions can be made anonymously in any denomination – all donations are greatly appreciated and allow us to provide care for the animals in need. 

Animals that have benefited from the Good Samaritan Fund:

Harley – Harley was brought to HVS as a stray kitten attacked by a dog. She received wound care and she was spayed and vaccinated. She currently lives at HVS as our resident cat. 

Puppies – A litter of 7 puppies received vaccines and new homes

Heaven – Heaven is a cat who received vaccines, a spay, and an FeLV test prior to finding her a good home. 

Duke – Duke was found as a limping stray with a horrible wound on his leg. Radiographs revealed a fractured pelvis, and three broken leg bones. Duke’s leg was amputated and he was neutered so that he could find a good home and be a happy, three-legged dog. 

Coco – Coco was a dog who was relinquished because he had a large mass on his elbow that wouldn’t heal. He was vaccinated, the mass was removed, and he was neutered. 

Black Girl – Black girl was vaccinated and kept safe until she found a good home. 

Groucho – Groucho was brought to us very sick with parvo, so he was treated and is now living happily with a new family. 

Bobby – Bobby is a kitten who was vaccinated, tested for FeLV, and neutered before going to his new home. 

Rascal – Rascal was a chihuahua who was found along the highway. He was vaccinated and spayed and found a good home. 

Tramp – Tramp was vaccinated and neutered before going to the AZ Border Collie Rescue.

Lady – Lady is a cocker spaniel who was vaccinated before going to AZ Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

Highway – Highway was found on the highway on the outskirts of Wickenburg. He was vaccinated, neutered, and he found a good home. 

Luke – Luke is a deaf dog who was vaccinated and neutered before going to a home where he is loved and appreciated. 

Bo – Bo is a border collie who was vaccinated and he found a home on a ranch where he could be a working dog. 

Suzi Q – Suzi Q was relinquished and received supportive care for an eye disease, a spay, a dental, and vaccines before going to AZ Pug Rescue. 

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a horse who had head trauma that resulted in an eye injury that required an enucleation (removal of eye). 

Ninja Kitty – Ninja was spayed and vaccinated and found a good home. Ninja now lives with an equine surgeon in Phoenix. 

McGuff – McGuff was found by a local police officer on the side of the road. She was spayed and vaccinated and found a good home.