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We’re hiring Veterinarians
We’re hiring Veterinarians

Surgery Information

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Surgery Information
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 Thank you for considering HVS in your decision for assistance with your pets’ surgical needs. If you have additional questions prior to scheduling your surgery appointment, please call 928.684.3070 to speak with our friendly and helpful team members. 

If you have already scheduled your pet for an elective surgery such as a spay/neuter or dental at HVS, please read the following for instructions and recommendations regarding surgeries. 


  • Elective surgeries are scheduled Tuesdays thru Fridays. 
  • Most elective surgeries are outpatient procedures and your pet will go home the same day. 
  • We will place a courtesy call the day before the scheduled surgery to confirm the appointment. WE DO ASK FOR A COURTESY CALL WITH 24 HOURS NOTICE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT. 
  • Your pet should be “fasted” for his/her surgery appointment. Access to water is fine but no food should be offered after midnight the night before surgery. 
  • If your pet is on medications, they may be given with a small piece of food/pill pocket the morning of surgery. 
  • Following your pets’ surgery one of our team members will notify you that your pet is out of surgery and in recovery. 
  • HVS does recommend a preanesthetic blood panel as well as IV fluid therapy for all surgical procedures. A blood panel can provide us with vital information about major organ function prior to anesthesia and therefore decrease anesthesia risks. An IV catheter allows timely administration of any medications needed during the procedure and IV fluids help maintain blood pressure and kidney functions as well as prevent dehydration during the period they are not able to drink. Additional fees will apply and can be discussed during the morning check in process. 
  • Estimates for routine procedures can be provided by any staff member. All other surgery estimates will be provided by the veterinarian following the pre-surgical physical examination appointment required prior to scheduling surgery.
  • All emergency surgeries will be accommodated on an emergency basis and frequently need to stay overnight for additional monitoring and treatment. Additional emergency fees will apply. 


  • Surgery admits should arrive between 8:00-8:30am unless previous arrangements have been made in advance. You will be greeted by one of our dedicated technicians who will help you complete the authorization forms, answer any questions and will then be responsible for caring for your pet during their stay with us. 
  • Please allow enough time to complete the required paperwork and answer any questions regarding your pets’ needs. This is paramount to ensuring we understand the purpose of the visit and have a detailed plan to accommodate your needs.
  • Only the pet owners on the account are authorized to drop off for surgeries unless previous arrangements have been made. As the owner of the pet, you will be asked to authorize the procedure, make decisions regarding protocols and be responsible for payment. You must be available by phone at all times in the unlikely event there are questions or complications. 
  • Late arrivals may be asked to reschedule and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 


  • Discharges for elective surgeries are between 4:45 – 5:15pm – this allows us to continue monitoring your pet following their surgery and ensure they are staying quiet/resting appropriately. Early discharges are strongly discouraged and must be authorized well in advance on a case-by-case basis only. 
  • One of our team members will go over all of the post-surgery instructions with you at the time of discharge. You will be provided with a written copy of instructions regarding after-care, medications, and any recommended recheck appointments. 
  • We do encourage you to schedule recommended recheck appointments prior to leaving rather than waiting and risking limited appointment availability later. 
  • HVS will place a follow up call the next business day to make sure your pet is doing well following their procedure and make certain we have answered all of your questions. 
  • Please contact HVS immediately at 928.684.3070 if you have any concerns following your pets’ surgical procedure. 

Thank you again for considering and entrusting HVS for your pets’ health care needs. We know that you have many choices and we are dedicated to being your trusted and dependable resource for all of your pets’ healthcare needs. 

Respectfully and with gratitude, 

Joanne Ruisi, DVM / Owner