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Kitty Manipulation Tactics

May 16, 2023

Does your kitty sometimes sit in front of her bowl and meow at you incessantly until you fill it for her? Does Fluffy rub against your leg when you’re making dinner as an adorable way of requesting that you share? Cats are definitely well aware of the fact that we think they’re absolutely adorable, and they aren’t shy about using that to their advantage. You’ll read a few of Fluffy’s favorite meowpulation tricks in this article from Hassayampa Veterinary Services, your veterinarian in Wickenburg, AZ, and the surrounding communities.


The meow may be the ultimate method of kitty bossiness. Fluffy actually may have started meowing just to give humans orders … or, more likely, to melt their hearts. It’s not likely a coincidence that kitty vocalizations sound a lot like the cries of a human baby. It seems our furry pals figured out long ago that winning our empathy was a great way to score food, shelter, and, down the road, toys, treats, beds, and catnip.


Kitty purrs actually have some pretty unique and interesting qualities. For one thing, Fluffy vibrates at specific frequencies, usually between 25 and 140 HZ. Those exact same frequencies are used in physical therapy to promote bone healing and tissue growth! Plus, as anyone who has ever snuggled up with a cuddly cat can attest, purrs are just very calming and soothing. 

Leg Rub 

Another cute thing our furry buddies do when they want to get our attention is weave around our legs. (This isn’t so cute when Fluffy nearly trips you, but that’s another topic.) 


Fluffy may be small, but let’s not forget that she has the same instincts as larger cats, such as tigers and lions. These little furballs do sometimes use those tiny claws to get their way. Your pet may bat at your shoelaces when she wants to play or smack you in the face to let you know she wants breakfast right meow


At the end of the day, Fluffy’s most powerful form of persuasion may just be her furry face. It’s hard not to melt when a kitty looks up at you with complete love and adoration in her eyes. A pet’s love is a truly precious gift!

Do you have questions about cat care? Contact us here at Hassayampa Veterinary Services, your veterinarian in Wickenburg, AZ, and the surrounding communities, anytime!

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