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Caring For A Senior Cat

October 1, 2023

Is your feline pal aged ten or over? If so, you have a furry, meowing senior on your hands. Cats usually age gracefully, but they do need some extra TLC in their golden years. In this article from Hassayampa Veterinary Services, serving Wickenburg and the surrounding communities, a local vet discusses keeping an older cat happy, healthy, and purring.


Cats are usually pretty fastidious about keeping their fur in good shape. This will get harder for Fluffy over time, however. As your kitty ages, it will get harder for her to bend and stretch enough to properly reach her whole body. Help her out by gently grooming her. Be very careful: older cats have delicate skin, which can easily rip or tear. Use a mat brush for tangle, or gently clip them out.


Good nutrition is important at every stage of your kitty’s life. If your pet develops any medical conditions, this may also affect her nutritional needs. For instance, if your feline pal develops a thyroid issue, you may need to stop giving her fish, because of the iodine. Fluffy may benefit from certain supplements. 

One area where this can get tricky is if you have more than one cat. There are a few options that make separate feeding easier. You can stick to set dinner times, and feed all your pets at the same time, but in different spots. You can also get automated feeders that will work with Fluffy’s microchip. Ask for specific advice on this.


Older cats are quite fragile and delicate. They also have a harder time jumping and climbing. Set out pet ramps or stairs to help your kitty get to her favorite spots. Fluffy may also appreciate having pet furniture that’s low to the ground and easy to get into. A litterbox with low walls will be easier for her to get in and out of. We also strongly recommend keeping her indoors.


Fluffy won’t be as frisky as she was during her kittenhood, but playing will still be fun and beneficial for her. Playing can actually help ward off cognitive decline: kitties have to focus on those tricky pounces. Take a few minutes a day to play with your feline pal.


Last but not least, just pay a lot of attention to Fluffy. Keep that little motor going! 

Do you have questions about senior cat care? Contact Hassayampa Veterinary Services, serving Wickenburg and the surrounding communities, today! 

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